Road CRAB - road reflector removal
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Clears Reflectors And Bituminous

The Amazing Road Reflector Remover!

Time to get your guys off the roads and into a bright yellow piece of equipment where they will be SAFER, more VISIBLE and FASTER!

This one-of-a-kind machine will increase your speed and production! It can remove over 2 miles of reflectors in 1 hour on bad roads and you can go faster if the road conditions are better.

This is a non-motorized machine and can be towed with any standard work truck. The Road CRAB comes fully equipped and READY TO WORK!

Our blade slices under reflectors and Bituminous in one clean motion. Remove as much Bituminous as you want or just the reflector. Simply turn the depth stops to fit your job and road conditions, when road conditions change so can your blade depth! No tools needed for fast adjustments.

Our blades raise and lower with ease; making what used to be the most difficult job on the road into one any one can do for hours. All you need is one driver for the truck and one operator for the Road CRAB.

Pull back on the handle to raise the blade, push forward to lower it when you see the reflector. It really is that simple!

Watch the demos and see it in action.

For more information or to order call 1-903-497-6481