Road CRAB - road reflector removal
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Clears Reflectors And Bituminous

About the Road CRAB

Operational view, hitch down.

Side view, and mounted travel hitch.

Two wheeled traveling view

Door and toolbox (which doubles as a comfortable seat)

Parked and ready for storage

All machines come with two specially designed towing hitches. One raises the front two wheels off the road for easy traveling, and the second is offset to the driver side. This hitch allows the truck and driver to remain in the right lane while the blade is over the reflector line. We've added the orange guidelines on the front so the driver in the truck can easily see the blade location on the road.

Switching hitches can be done quickly and easily in about 5 minutes.

All machines come with one replaceable Hardened Steel blade. Designed for easy on the job replacement in about 15 minutes. Our blade has a safety shield on the back to protect the operator from any flying debris and a NEW improved removal system so if a reflector sticks on the end of the blade just pull the handle back a little and the reflector will fall off. No hands should ever be near the blade now like you see in the prototype demo.

Ask about our free replacement blade offer when you call.

Machine Details

All blades and replacement parts are available for order and fast delivery when needed.

All machines come with an owners manual with full operational instructions, ordering information and a how to DVD.

Customer service is important to us so we are more then happy to answer questions. Call 903-497-6481