Road CRAB - road reflector removal
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Clears Reflectors And Bituminous

The Road CRAB in Action

Removing Porcelain Reflectors and Epoxy Demo

The NEW and improved Road CRAB as seen in the pictures and Epoxy Demo has the needed weight to do the job with out the jumping you see the prototype demo.

The Road CRAB does remove round porcelain reflectors too!!! Some of the reflectors with the weak spot in the front did shatter, but later we approached them from the back instead of the front and we had about a 90% clean rate with out shattering.

Second Demo

This Demo was the prototype machine not the final Road CRAB, and was our first test for TX DOT. We have made several improvements to the new Road CRAB machine. Including heavier steel, door, toolbox and a drop off system so reflectors cannot stick on the end of the blade any more.

In this Demo we removed all of the reflectors in a 2-mile stretch in 1 hour! Notice the blade does not damage the road; it leaves just the hole where the reflector was. This saves time fixing the road, and saves on Bituminous. The Road CRAB pays for itself in savings and added speed in a very short time.

Switching Hitches Demo

Watch how fast and easy it is to switch from the travel hitch to the operational hit. The Travel hitch makes the Road Crab a two wheel easy to tow trailer, and the operational hitch keeps the driver of the truck in the right lane while the Road Crab removes road reflectors from the center line.

Blade Replacement Demo

See how to replace the blade on The Road Crab reflector remover machine. Change blades fast and easy in about 15 minutes, and your back to work

Let Us Show You How It Works

We want to do more demos and make more videos of different road conditions! BUT we cannot just go out on the road and remove reflectors with out a crew putting them back we need your help!

We want to show this machine in action and we are willing to bring it and do a demo on your job site.

Please call us at 1-903-497-6481 if you are interested in seeing it in action! Currently we are showing it in the east TX area. We will do demos out of area with paid travel expenses. Or paid machine order.